Mrs. Brymer

Physical Education Class


Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Bragg Middle School. I would like to take this opportunity to explain the main purpose of our physical education program. The main emphasis of middle school education will be on motor skill development, interactive behavior, and health-enhancing physical activity using the guidelines set up in the Alabama Course of study. Our program promotes successful participation in a variety of activities, introducing competitive opportunities when appropriate. Through which participation in physical education students will learn the skill and develop the knowledge and attitudes that lead to enjoyment of physical activity and fitness for a lifetime.


Grading Policy

1.       Daily grades of 10 points will be earned each day for participation, effort, and dressing out for in class activities.

2.       Additional points will come from skills tests, written tests, and completion of class activities, and/or homework assignments.

3.       A zero grade will be given each time a student does not dress out or does not participate/show effort in class.

Dressing Policy

1.       A student must dress out in order to participate in physical education class. This is required for safety and hygiene reasons.

2.       Proper dress is as follows:

Athletic shoes(no slip on shoes or tie shoes without shoe strings, shoes must be tied properly.)

Sport socks

Shorts(No short shorts, no cutoffs, no denim shorts-Shorts must have a minimum of a 5 inch inseam.)

Tee shirts(no full length button up shirts, shirt bottoms cannot fall below the end of you shorts, no short tee shirts, no cut off tee shirts)

Sweat suit, wind suit, warm-up suit

Caps and sun glasses are allowed for outside days only.

Gloves, jackets, toboggans, thermal pants, and leggings covered with shorts or pants are allowed for cold weather outside activities.

Leggings can be worn only if the tee shirt worn with them is loose and covers their whole rear end.

No pajama pants or scrubs allowed

3.       All students must change from their school clothes to their gym clothes at the beginning of class and change back to their school clothes at the end of class.

4.       You cannot participate if you are no properly dressed.

5.       You will receive a zero for the day if you do not participate but are dressed.

Excuse, Absence, and Make-up Work Policy

A note from a parent or guardian will be accepted to excuse a student from regular physical education class for up to three days. The reason must be stated a long with the student’s name, parent signature, and dates to be excused. Acceptable reasons are illness and injury and must be explained specifically in the note. Frequent parent notes for the same student not be accepted.

Locker Rules

1.       Never give anyone else your locker combination.

2.       Always lock you locker. Double-check it to make sure it’s locked.

3.       Never let someone else put her things in your locker.

4.       Never put your things in another person’s locker.

5.       Only bring what is necessary to P. E. class.

6.       Do not bring expensive jewelry or lots of money to P.E. class.

7.       Do not put food or drinks in your P. E. locker.

8.       Do not leave your lunch, lunch money, or books in your P. E. locker.

9.       Do not leave your belongings on the bench or floor and walk away from them.

10.   Always lock all of your belongings in your locker.

Items to keep in your Gym Locker

1.       Tee shirt and shorts or other appropriate gym clothing for class.

2.       Athletic shoes or socks. ( The shoes can get dirty when outside.)

3.       Deodorant(No sprays allowed)

4.       A small hand towel and wash cloth to use to freshen up.

5.       A small container for any jewelry, watches, or drink money to stay in.

6.       Locker mirror, comb, or brush

7.       Plastic bag to carry dirty clothes home in each week.


PE Rules

1.   No cell phones or cameras allowed in the locker room or in class.

2.   Follow all game instructions for your and other people’s safety.

3.   If you have not been given permission to touch any P. E. equipment. Don’t touch it.

4.   If anything in the locker room isn’t yours, don’t touch it.

5.   No horse play.

6.   Respect yourself, others, and your teacher.

7.   Keep your hands to yourself.

8.   No tumbling or gymnastics.


Breaking the rules will result in a warning first, then a parent contact or being written up.

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